Unattended payment terminals

for self-service facilities, such as gas and washing stations, car parks, refreshments and vending machines

Everything needed for secure self-service

Unattended payment terminals are designed for installation in a system of self-service equipment in places where fast customer check-in is required, including increasing the efficiency of the entire operation and where it is not possible or advantageous to ensure the presence of physical staff. The terminal's unified software interface allows it to be installed in any self-service device system, regardless of its manufacturer. 

Our subsequent provision of support and service for integrated payment terminals is a matter of course.


24h operation

thanks to fully self-service and intuitive control of unattended devices.


358 integration

of payment technologies into unattended devices for easier and more secure sales.


10 different areas of operation

where you will find our unattended payment terminal solutions.


49 unattended device integrators

who accompany us through the world of payment technologies.

Choose the integration area according to the type of your operation

Custom solutions

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The most modern types of unattended payment terminals for your self-service devices

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HW bezobslužná zařízení

3 steps to easy integration

Based on demand and basic information, we will prepare a proposal for the most optimal solution for the payment system integration project, including price calculation.


Easy implementation

Depending on the platform of the cash register system, we will provide you with the SONET ECR2 communication protocol specification or a DLL library for easy implementation of the system connection with the payment terminal.


Development terminal

When integrating, we offer rental or sale of the terminal for development and testing purposes. Once completed, the terminal can be installed in full operation.


Interconnection certification

After the integration development, the final certification is performed, during which we verify whether the resulting connection is in accordance with the requirements of card associations.

Our business partners

Our business partners

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